ASCEND HS21 Jake Felser

Jake Felser

Chief Technology Officer, Freight Farms

Freight Farms is the world’s largest manufacturer of containerized hydroponic farms, with over 400 farms deployed worldwide (in 49 US states and territories and 35 countries). A single shipping container can produce the equivalent of 3-4 tons of produce annually and provide a profitable business for the end users, who are primarily small business farmers, educational and research institutions, and restaurants/grocery stores. The farm uses 99% less water than traditional farming, 99% less land, and when powered by renewable sources is 30-40% as carbon-intensive as the traditional comparison.

In his role as CTO at Freight Farms, Jake leads the technology development efforts across both hardware and software teams. Prior to joining Freight Farms, Jake was VP of Engineering at Eatsa, where he led the development of ground-breaking robotic food assembly and delivery systems. He has previous experience in a variety of engineering and leadership roles and has developed and launched products across several categories–consumer, IoT, sports technology, industrial/energy, medical.


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