Jade Wang ASCEND

Jade Wang

Assistant Group Leader, Optical and Quantum Communication Technology Group, MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Throughout her career, Dr. Jade Wang has worked on developing novel optical communications systems for use in space environments, including the prototype hardware development and tech transfer of LCRD modem technology.  Today, she is an Assistant Group Leader for the Optical and Quantum Communication Technology Group at MIT Lincoln Laboratory.  She is currently working as a co-principal investigator on the ILLUMA-T program, which will place a LCRD (Laser Communication Relay Demonstration) user terminal on the International Space Station.  She is also the program manager for TBIRD (Terabyte Infrared Delivery), a cubesat mission demonstrating 200 Gbps optical communications from LEO to ground.  In addition to free space optical communications, her research interests include ultrafast optics, switching, and photonic integration.

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