ASCEND HS21 Hjalte Frandsen

Hjalte Frandsen

Researcher, University of Copenhagen

Hjalte is currently engulfed in a Space Law research project at University of Copenhagen concerning the future regulation of Outer Space. A plethora of rockets are taking off, belching out swarms of gloriously useful little satellites. We urgently need to agree on some basic traffic rules to avoid turning critical infrastructure into sad clouds of space debris orbiting our home planet. Hjalte hopes to contribute to humanity’s task of setting up the best possible governance for stepping further out and into the cosmos.

With a background in economy and international law and experience from working in many different organisations and cultures, as entrepreneur, management consultant and researcher, Hjalte feels at home in most settings from start-up basements to corporate conference rooms. Hjalte teaches and do public talks on various topics including technology scouting, digitalisation and Space law.


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