HS ASCEND Drew Grennell

Drew Grennell

Faculty, Salish Kootenai College

Drew is the head of the Information Technology & Engineering department at Salish Kootenai College (SKC). He teaches courses in IT, Physics, Programming, and Astronomy. He supports students in projects, competitions, and internships, including the SKC HIgh Altitude Rocket Team, the 2020 Artemis Challenge, Ground Penetrating Radar Studies, and the SKC 2021 RockOn! Team.

His background in physics and science education along with unique opportunities to expand his interests provided by SKC has led to a budding interest in space science and related educational opportunities for his tribal college students. The newly formed partnership with the MILO Space Science Institute and SKC, aided by the support of a recent NASA MUREP M-STAR award, is a direct result of such anf opportunity. Additionally, Drew is working on developing a new computer science educational curriculum at SKC with the support of the American Indian College through their new Computer Science Initiative program. SKC’s Advanced Manufacturing and Innovation Lab (AMIL), the college’s history of NASA awards and affiliations (e.g. BisonSat and HASP), and partnerships like MILO allow for incredible opportunities for SKC students to be involved in space science. Drew’s goal is to provide and facilitate these opportunities in a way that meets the students where they are, supports their growth and confidence as learners, and meets the needs of the native communities that the college serves.


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