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Doug Witherspoon

NearStar Fusion

Doug Witherspoon is President and Chief Scientist of NearStar Fusion, which he founded in 2021 as a spinout from HyperJet Fusion Corporation. NearStar is dedicated to developing Hypervelocity Gradient Field Fusion (HGFF) for terrestrial electric power generation and for spacecraft fusion propulsion. Dr. Witherspoon is an experimental plasma physicist with over 36 years of research experience in the fields of plasma physics, pulsed power, hypervelocity launchers, plasma jets, plasma thrusters, and plasma based materials processing. He received a PhD in Plasma Physics from the University of Wisconsin – Madison in 1984 and has spent the years since then developing advanced electromagnetic and electrothermal launchers for defense and energy applications, patented applications in advanced manufacturing and materials processing, and since 2005 has been developing advanced high momentum flux pulsed plasma jets for plasma-jet driven magneto-inertial fusion (PJMIF) in ongoing work first at HyperV Technologies and then at HyperJet Fusion.

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