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Bonnie Posselt

Bonnie Posselt

Medical Officer in the Royal Air Force (UK)

Meta-11: Future of Space Medicine, Tuesday 17 November 1100-1200

Dr. Bonnie Posselt is a medical officer in the Royal Air Force (UK), specialising in Aviation and Space Medicine. She was the health and safety officer for a 5 week analog Mars mission with the Austrian Space Forum in 2018, which was conducted in the remote deserts of Oman. Along with other analog space medicine doctors she founded the Space Medicine Analog Working Group (SMAWG) which aims to improve safety standards across all analog platforms. Currently undertaking a PhD in human performance using Helmet Mounted Displays in the aviation environment, Bonnie lives in Ohio, working at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

Bonnie is a graduate of the International Space University Space Studies Programme and is an associate fellow of the Aerospace Medical Association and the Royal Aeronautical Society.


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