Ashley Pilipiszyn ASCEND

Ashley Pilipiszyn

CEO & Co-Founder, Titan Space

Ashley has been selected as an astronaut-in-training and is currently training for a mission to the International Space Station.

Recognizing this as an opportunity to scale research in space, she founded Titan Space Technologies with the mission of solving the problems most important for humanity. Titan is an orbital AI platform that scales commercial solutions in space — accelerating the advancement of adaptive immune response, carbon capture, & biomedical applications. Titan’s first mission is scheduled for February of 2022.

Since an early age, Ashley has pushed the limits of what was considered possible. Whether in sports, education, technology, and her own career — her desire to defy expectations has consistently driven her success.

She’s an expert authority on AI applications, and oversaw OpenAI’s research and commercial product releases including MuseNet, Jukebox, Rubik’s Cube, GPT-3, Codex, CLIP, and DALL-E, as well as leading OpenAI’s developer relations program where she helped launch a variety of partner applications.

Previously, she led the Grid Resilience & Intelligence Platform (GRIP) at the US Department of Energy SLAC National Accelerator Lab. GRIP leveraged AI to anticipate, absorb, and recover from grid events such as wildfires, ice storms, or cyberattacks.

She was selected as a World Economic Forum Global Shaper and served on the Advisory Board of the Partnering to Accelerate Sustainable Energy Innovation project. By 30, she’d traveled to 6 continents, 30+ countries, and trekked 130+ miles to install 3 solar microgrids that electrified one of the most remote villages in the Himalayas. Ashley is on the Student Energy Board of Directors, an angel investor, startup advisor, and student pilot.


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