HS ASCEND Adrian Mangiuca

Adrian Mangiuca

Vice President, Infrastructure, Voyager Space

Adrian Mangiuca serves as the Vice President of Infrastructure for Voyager Space, where he works on cross-portfolio integration and future capability development aligned with making humanity’s venture into space permanent. Mr. Mangiuca held prior roles at Made In Space and Nanoracks, where he aligned specifically with the design, funding, and execution of plans for the construction of long-duration space platforms. While at Nanoracks, Mr. Mangiuca served as Principal Investigator for the NASA-funded Low-Earth Orbit Commercialization Study and worked with 13 partner organizations to describe how a future LEO economy becomes sustainable. Mr. Mangiuca has an MSc in Development Administration & Planning for University College London, has lived in six countries, and speaks seven languages which he enjoys practicing in his spare time.


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