Welcome to the launch of ASCEND

ASCEND is something truly unique to the space community. It’s the first global event to convene all the stakeholders who’ll contribute getting humanity’s off-world future off the ground—not just your typical participants like propulsion, commercial aerospace and national security, but also many sectors new to space, like mining, tourism, agriculture, and hospitality. We’re glad to have on board. We hope you enjoy your trip.

Pick Up Your Mission Patch

During registration, be sure to pick up your ASCEND mission patch. We’ll have a crew standing by to adhere it on to your backpack, shirt, jacket or anything else you’d like it affixed to. There’ll be ample opportunity to earn additional uniquely-themed patches throughout the event, so keep your eyes peeled for every opportunity that presents itself.

Go for Center Stage

The moment you walk through the entryway to the center stage, it’s clear this is something different, something special. You can feel the energy and excitement throughout the room, radiating from the center stage, which will be both the axis and focal point for the day’s general session.

This is where the entire event comes together: The keynote speakers, the macro topics informing the micro-topics of the breakout sessions, the enriching content — it all revolves around center stage.

Meet the ASCEND Ground Crew

The ASCEND Ground Crew are here for you. They’ll help you find your way to your seat, your next session, the streets of Las Vegas. When you’ve got questions, they’ve got answers. Don’t be afraid to seek them out. And don’t be surprised if they seek you out first.

Entertainment While You Wait

Between the inspirational keynotes and center stage presentations, try your hand at space trivia. Who knows, knowing who was the astronomer to first calculate the Earth’s circumference could earn you more than just bragging rights.

Meeting in the Meta

While the general session provides keynotes, panels, and numerous opportunities for you to influence the course of the conversation, Meta Sessions delve down to the meta-level, focusing on issues uniquely tailored to your interest and areas of expertise.

Bringing the Micro into Focus

During the Micro Sessions, get up close and personal to those topics that matter the most to you and your line of work. This is about as deep into space as you can go without donning a space suit. Micro Sessions are where problems meet solutions, poster and technical sessions convene, and experts hone their expertise among the top minds in their fields.

The Biggest Takeaway

At the end of your journey, your biggest takeaway from ASCEND won’t merely be the memories of the industry’s first event focused on getting the space economy off the ground, but will also include real solutions to industry-wide challenges. You’ll come away with new partnerships and openings to lucrative new markets that didn’t exist just a few short years ago.

We hope you enjoyed your stay. We’re confident the lessons of ASCEND with stay with you over the long haul.

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