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Why attend ASCEND?

At ASCEND you’ll uncover and address the most important challenges and complex issues facing thousands of space professionals like you. It’s an accelerator for your career, work, and community.


ASCEND is different than other space events

Backed by AIAA, this is a politically and commercially neutral event, convened around the best practices of space science.

No one else is putting this community together in this way—we are building from scratch and designing ASCEND without the legacy issues of some existing events.

It’s not just about business; it’s about technical sessions, problem-solving, and building a community to advance our discovery of space.

It’s accessible—You can enjoy the virtual event from the comfort of your home, no matter where you are in the world.

It’s not about siloed “tracks” of content; it’s about interdisciplinary interaction addressing common issues.

It’s not just about sharing new ideas; it’s about interacting with those ideas to make something happen.

It’s focused on pushing the whole industry forward, not just one segment.

It enables interaction and mutually beneficial relationships among industry partners and attendees.


The space community’s brightest minds, the nation’s greatest venue, and the industry’s most comprehensive itinerary.

The Engagement Zone opportunities

To foster exploration and discovery, ASCEND eschews exhibit booths for Engagement Zones, engineered to spark innovation and interactivity.  We encourage you to create engaging, experiential activations that reflect the collaborative nature of ASCEND and the international space community.  It’s the ideal opportunity to meet buyers, investors and potential partners and position your brand at the cutting edge of the international space community’s next giant leap. Details coming soon.

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