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Media Partners

ASCEND presents a content-rich community of interesting and intelligent people working together on Earth to accomplish extraordinary things in space.

We welcome media to report on our community and our events on-site and online. Register here for credentials to cover 2021 ASCEND.

If you have a specific story idea or request for special access to ASCEND or AIAA sources, please contact Rebecca Gray, AIAA Senior Communications Manager, at RebeccaG@aiaa.org.

Become an ASCEND Media Partner

In addition to reporting on ASCEND, we invite media to participate as partners in our events. ASCEND offers two tiers of media partnership:

Event Media Partner

Whether you already have a presence in the off-world community or are looking to carve out your unique media place in space, build your brand with ASCEND as an Event Media Partner.

ASCEND Event Media Partnerships offer prominent visibility and access to a qualified universe of current and future thought leaders, decision makers and influencers in ASCEND’s core aeronautics and astronautics sectors, plus extended reach to adjacent sectors such as construction, agriculture, space tourism, R&D and robotics.

Event Media Partnerships are barter agreements that offer you sustained integrated visibility across ASCEND’s multiple media channels in exchange for equivalent visibility and access to your audiences for ASCEND. Contact Chris Meyer at chris.meyer@aiaa.org to learn more and explore options.

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