Location. Location. Space Exploration. Meet BKG Enterprises’ Business Analyst and ASCEND attendee Kevin Barry who is exploring the next frontiers in real estate development.

Why I’m going to ASCEND

Kevin Barry ASCEND Ambassador

Kevin Barry, Business Analyst, BKG Enterprises

As a real estate developer and analyst, I’ve always been keenly interested in infrastructure and improving the built environment. I’m a generalist with a diverse educational background including engineering physics, environmental science, and urban planning. All along my path, I was interested in space and science fiction as a hobby but was not pursuing it as a career path.

While working on my Real Estate Masters in grad school, inspired by Elon Musk and SpaceX, I wrote a paper detailing the opportunities and challenges for real estate development, the commercialization of space, and the physical, financial, and legal infrastructure that will be required to make it happen. It became clear to me while writing the paper that falling barriers to entry were creating exponential growth in the space industry on par with the Industrial Revolution. Humankind’s push beyond the confines of Earth will likely happen in my generation and I want to join the rising tide. Since then, I’ve been seeking opportunities to collaborate and contribute to this change as a professional outside of Aerospace and Defence and ASCEND is the first international space conference with that premise as its foundation.

Who I want to meet

One of the things that has me most excited about ASCEND is the fact that it is bringing together people like me, from sectors not traditionally associated with space exploration, and pairing us with the people who are working to make it happen.  For the first time, we’ve reached that point in the trajectory of the advancement of space that it will require participation from developers, financial investors, marketers, and other industries for the next major milestones to be realized.

What I hope to achieve

This is an exciting time in our collective history. We are entering into a new era in space and I feel privileged to be able to help frame the discussion. I am looking forward to presenting my paper and hope it spawns a robust discussion on the role of infrastructure and real estate in developing a sustainable economy and habitats off Earth.

Share your dreams of tomorrow

Your entrepreneurial spirit, business acumen, technical innovations, and passion for aerospace play an important role in both advancing life on earth and building our off-world civilization. Like Kevin, we invite you to share your vision for what that future will look like and how we’ll get there. Select from a handful of questions and share your recorded video today.



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