Meet ASCEND attendee Jackie Blumer, an Earth and Space Science teacher who is helping young imaginations take flight

Why I’m going to ASCEND

Jackie Blumer ASCEND Ambassador

Jackie Blumer, Teacher, BCCU2

I’m an Earth and Space Science teacher who also teaches a bit of Physics. I’m super excited about space exploration and just love to see kids get excited about anything science, but particularly the space sciences.  ASCEND is the first space event to come along that meets me where I’m at as an educator and sees a role for professionals like me in making space more accessible.

Ever since watching Apollo 13, I’ve been interested in anything and everything space. I attended Educator Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama, and soon thereafter, our school was selected for NASA’s Explorer School program—and that’s when my interest and involvement in space really took off. During that time I applied to be an astronaut (twice) and was fortunate to be chosen to fly in two reduced gravity flights.

For the first time, space is becoming accessible to the private sector, and people like me have an important role to play to help it along. I see it as my mission to prepare my students for the exciting new career opportunities that are no longer just over the horizon but are coming to fruition now.

These are exciting times. And no other space event captures that excitement quite like ASCEND.

Who I want to meet

We really are on the cusp of transformative change in space exploration. In all likelihood, my middle school students as adults will have access to space in ways I could only dream of at the same age. ASCEND is the first event that puts me in the same sphere with those professionals who’ll one day be looking to my students to fill the new space-related roles emerging across so many sectors. I’m eager to meet these pioneers whose passion and enthusiasm will help me get my students excited about the tremendous opportunities that are opening up to them.

What I hope to achieve

I think the earlier we can get students excited about space the more likely they’ll follow that trajectory throughout their schooling and into their professions.

Talk to most scientists and ask them at what age they became interested in science, and most cite an event in middle school that sparked their curiosity. Today, there’s so much emphasis on the high school and college years, I think we risk missing the all-important window that opens and closes in middle school. My goal is to come away from ASCEND with the tools, resources, and connections that will let my students see that a space-related career is now more within their reach than at any time in our history.

Share your dreams of tomorrow

Your entrepreneurial spirit, business acumen, technical innovations, and passion for aerospace play an important role in both advancing life on earth and building our off-world civilization. Like Jackie, we invite you to share your vision for what that future will look like and how we’ll get there. Select from a handful of questions and share your recorded video today.



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