How Will You Attend ASCEND?

However you choose to participate — as an attendee, presenter, organizer, sponsor, or partner — ASCEND is designed with your off-world future in mind.

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On-site or online, immerse yourself in the interactive ASCEND learning environment. Big picture “vision” sessions set the stage for follow-on input tracks that lead to nuts-&-bolts technical and collaborative sessions with the prospect for actionable outcomes. Every conversation is an invitation for exploration. We started rolling out the program 10 June. Registration will open 27 July, so RSVP now for info and alerts to start planning your trajectory to ASCEND.


2021 ASCEND will feature technical and collaborative presentations from a cross section of leading engineers, scientists, and thought leaders from government, industry, and academia, including technical papers selected from the annual Call for Papers, which closed on 6 April. If your abstract(s) made the cut, congratulations! We look forward to seeing your presentation on the program in November. And if you didn’t make it this time, attend 2021 ASCEND and start engineering next year’s submissions.


2021 ASCEND will feature collaborative sessions to spur discussions of the trends, economic forces, and technical challenges facing every member of the space ecosystem. Many of these sessions will be selected from proposals submitted to the annual Call for Sessions, which closed 6 April. If you made the cut, congratulations! We look forward to your conversation in November. And if you didn’t make it this time, attend 2021 ASCEND and get a head start on submitting next year’s big ideas.


Is the ultimate validation of your brand being associated with real-life success in space? ASCEND is the optimal market environment for any component, product, service, or equipment brand looking to establish its place in the off-world future. Our ecosystem presents a super-qualified universe of prospects — current and future decision makers, thought leaders, and influencers — eager to learn more about how working with you will accelerate their off-world advantage. ASCEND offers outstanding promotional programs and a la carte options for you to stand out in this crowd. We’re always at the ready to roll up our sleeves to invent custom options with you too.


Are you an association or advocacy organization looking to build “on-ramps” to space for your member communities? A media network exploring new channels to grow your off-world audiences? A university or public institution accelerating your educational mission?

Nobody goes to space alone. Partner with ASCEND, and trade on your access and influence to capitalize on ours. Together, it’s a win-win for building brand equity and a market advantage in the future.


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