While the 2020 live and in-person launch of ASCEND in Las Vegas, NV was thrown off course by the Covid-19 pandemic, it landed successfully online last November with more than 3,000 attendees from around the world participating in the inaugural three-day program.

Building on the success of the 2020 event, the 2021 edition of ASCEND, 8-10 and 15-17 November, will host our growing global community for a hybrid, multi-day, multimedia program, live at Caesars Forum in Las Vegas and online everywhere.

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An Interdisciplinary Experience

ASCEND welcomes the worldwide, interdisciplinary community of students, professionals, and serious enthusiasts — from classrooms through careers — who are actively pursuing their technical, scientific, and engineering interests in space. This includes “endemic” aeronautic and astronautic sectors traditionally served by AIAA and “adjacent” sectors that see space as a new place to build, work, and live.

At ASCEND, no sector is mutually exclusive because ASCEND is universally inclusive. However you work, learn, or imagine in space, ASCEND recognizes your role in humanity’s off-world future. At ASCEND, we accelerate together.

A Visionary Curriculum

The ASCEND program reflects the scope and scale of the off-world opportunity, and the dynamic challenges we must overcome to get there faster. In partnership with our Guiding Coalition, the ASCEND Program Team is developing a robust, multi-level, original curriculum comprising big-picture “vision” sessions and follow-on “pathways” for further exploration and discovery.

As established in our inaugural year, the 2021 program will be presented by prominent current and future thought leaders, decision makers, influencers, and observers from all corners of the off-world universe. Technical presentations and collaborative sessions also will be selected from submissions to the ASCEND Call for Content.

We started rolling out the event format and agenda on 10 June. Registration will open 27 July.