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2020 ASCEND Mission Summary

Through ASCEND’s inaugural event from 16-18 November 2020, thousands of space enthusiasts came together to solve complex problems and start on the path toward building our planet’s off-world future.

The ASCEND team put together a recap of this year’s memorable event, brought to you by SATCAN.

Lockheed Martin

ASCEND Inaugural Cornerstone Founding Sponsor

Highlights of 2020 ASCEND

Revisiting Some of Our Favorite Sessions from ASCEND

The ASCEND team is pleased to present a series of visual summaries which highlight the takeaways from top sessions and some fun brought to you by Maxar, sponsors of these 2020 ASCEND visual highlights.

The Audience


BUILDING THE FUTURE: Interested in tools and technology and eager to gain hands-on experience to solve problems or enhance career.

CONNECTED TO COMMERCE: Building strategic partnerships and connecting with fellow business people and policy leaders; selling a product or service with significant impact on the space economy.

GUARDIANS FOR LIFE: Years of experience building space programs that impact society, committed to investing in meaningful change.

NAVIGATING THE CLIMB: Long, ambitious career ahead, looking for a breadth of ideas, connections, and experiences that will launch to the next level.

DRIVEN TO DISCOVER: Lifelong learner and teacher; exploring the intersection of science and technology and developing the next big ideas in space.


The ASCEND Program—Built with Intention

The ASCEND program is built to leave you inspired and equipped with new tools, techniques, and ideas you can apply right away. You’ll experience a daily schedule that addresses big questions and challenges facing the entire space community.

The program is a three-tiered system. Starting from the 10,000-foot view (or perhaps we should say, “the 100 km view”), the sessions begin by posing the big questions about the future of space. As the event progresses, sessions narrow in focus and drill down into these questions, generating more practical and actionable discussions.

2020 Online Program

The Industry Partners

Of course, none of this would have been possible without the support from 2020 ASCEND’s sponsors and exhibitors, including the Inaugural Cornerstone Founding Sponsor Lockheed Martin Corporation.

To become a sponsor for 2021 ASCEND, Reach out to us today.

Our 2020 Sponsors

Our Inaugural Cornerstone Founding Sponsor:

Lockheed Martin

Our 2020 Exhibitors